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Publication – Khartoum, A changing capital, By Alice Franck and Claude Iverné

Khartoum’s current situation is special. After experiencing a decade of rapid changes due to the entry of Sudan in the circle of oil producing countries, the Sudanese capital – just like the rest of the country, although to a lesser extent – has been facing a strong economic recession since the independence of South Sudan in 2011 and the loss of the most part of its oil income. The economic malaise (rampant inflation, devaluation…) is palpable when you engage in a conversation with Khartoum people.

But strangely enough, this did not impact the urban landscape yet, and new buildings are still rising at a rapid pace.

This article goes back on the decade 2000-2010 during which there was an economic growth, and land and property sectors were the main outlet for the petrodollars. This period was also characterized by the historical peace agreement between the North and the South that has lead to the partition of the country. This partition has also contributed to the in-depth transformation of the capital, in particular with regard to the demographic situation.

In this article, Claude Iverné, photographer specialized in Sudan, shares some of his pictures.

Those pictures are the starting point of this analysis on the transformations of Khartoum, such as the new projects on the Nile, the apparition of towers in Khartoum, the renovation of the city center, as well as the transformation of the internally displaced persons camps.

Alice Franck & Claude Iverné, « Khartoum, capitale en mutation », La Vie des idées, 29 décembre 2014. ISSN : 2105-3030. URL : http://www.laviedesidees.fr/Khartoum-capitale-en-mutation.html

Here is the link to the article (in French)