L'Agenda du GIS

Seminary - Observatory of the Horn Of Africa

A workshop organized by the Observatory of the Horn of Africa (LAM, DAS, IRSEM) was held on 24 November in Paris and supported by the CEDEJ Khartoum. The focus was on politic, religion and conflicts in the Horn of Africa. Three researchers of the CEDEJ have participated to the workshop: Alice Franck the coordinator of the  CEDEJ Khartoum was the president of one of the panels, Raphaelle Chevrillon Guibert an associate researcher at CEDEJ presented a paper:  "The Sudanese Islamist in front of the economical crises post separation",  and Azza Mustafa Ahmed an PhD student associate at CEDEJ presented a paper "Islam and political parties in Sudan : The National Islamic Front".

You will find further information in the document attached.

Programme Séminaire Observatoire Corne Afrique 24 Novembre 2014