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Un cadre normatif pour évaluer les effets de la distribution de la régulation

Regulatory capabilities: A normative framework for assessing the distributional effects of regulation

par Fabrizio Cafaggi et Katharina Pistor

screenshotThis paper develops the normative concept of “regulatory capabilities.” It asserts that nobody – individuals, groups, or entities – should be subjected to a regulatory regime without some freedom to determine its nature. Self-determination in this context means the ability to accept or reject a regulatory regime imposed by others or to develop viable alternative approaches. We use the term “regulatory capabilities” to capture the importance of enabling conditions for regulatory self-determination. This is particularly important in the transnational context where private, hybrid public–private, and public actors compete for influence, shape domestic regulation, and, in doing so, limit the scope for democratic self-governance. In short, this paper seeks to contribute to the general debate on the normative foundations of and the requisite conditions for transnational regulation and governance.


  • capabilities;
  • distributional effects;
  • private regulation;
  • self-determination;
  • transnational regulation

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par Fabrizio Cafaggi et Katharina Pistor