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Urban Seminars Series : Ingeborg Denissen

The first Urban Seminar was held at the Sharjah Hall of the University of Khartoum. Ingeborg Denissen presented the result of her research in front audience of 50 researchers , students and members of different NGO’s and embassies. The seminar was chaired by the coordinator of the CEDEJ Khartoum, Dr Alice Franck,  by the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Dr Musa Adam Abdul-Jalil, and by the Head of the department of Anthropology, Dr Mohamed Osman Mohamed. Ingeborg Denissen introduced her PhD research about “The challenges of rapid urbanization – a comparison between Mexico City and Khartoum”. She was scientifically supported during her thesis by the CEDEJ Khartoum. The event is co organized by the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies of the University of Khartoum, the Dutch Embassy and the CEDEJ.

Urban Seminar at the Sharjah Hall Urban Seminar at the Sharjah Hall

You will find below a summary in English and in Arabic of her presentation

Summary Negotiating Urban Citizenship English

Summary Negotiating Urban Citizenship Arabic