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Raphaëlle Chevrillon-Guibert


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Soudan | Soudan du Sud | Tchad
Sahel central


Raphaëlle Chevrillon-Guibert is a researcher at the Research Institute for Development (IRD). She works at the PRODIG Joint Research Unit (UMR) in Paris.
For ten years she has investigated patterns of Islamist hegemony in Sudan. She has made an in-depth study of alliances Sudanese Islamists have constructed with specific segments of the Sudanese society. She has published several papers on such issue.
Raphaëlle is currently working on the implementation of new Sudanese economic policies toward agriculture and extractives activities. She also focus on trade circulations linked to those activities.Her study examines their impacts on local and regional politics in a social and empirical way. It takes part of two broader projects; one compares contemporary extractive dynamics in Sahelian and Northern Africa countries, and the other focuses on the Nile Valley and tries to understand how economic actors ("formal" and "informal") thrive in a widely deteriorated political-economic environment. Both analyses deal with strategies of adaptation and innovation that economic actors are developing.