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Annuaire des chercheur-es et des personnels de la recherche travaillant dans le domaine des études africaines en France

Amalia Dragani




Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale (LAS)

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Amalia Dragani is an Associate Member of the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale-Collège de France, Paris.
After a PhD (2004-2009) on Tuareg poets’ creative processes (in Niger and Mali) with an ethno-biographical and micro-historical approach, she received a post-doc from the University of Turin (PRIN Program: Anthropology of Person) and she works with Tuareg musicians and painters in South Algeria (2010-2011).
She is now carrying on a research project on Tuareg refugees poetry and child poetry in Mauritania and Senegal for a postdoctoral program funded by a Laboratoire d’Excellence-Création, Arts and Patrimoine (LABEX-CAP) fellowship (2013-2014) and Programme Emergence MINWEB (2013-2016).
More specifically, she applies an ethno-biographical methodology and a body- and person-centered approach to oral poetry and literature.
She has published two books in Italian (Giavellotti tifinagh. Poesia e poeti tuareg del Sahara, 2005 and Interno tuareg. Etnografia partecipativa dei poeti nomadi del Niger) and a book in French is forthcoming (Interieur touareg. Ethnographie des poètes nomads du Sahara, Karthala, 2015).
She co-organized in Paris a Journée d’étude about the notion of “poetical inspiration” and creative processes, founded by Labex-CAP and LLACAN-CNRS (2014) and the Acts of symposium are forthcoming (2016).

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