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Mobility, Migration and Health: Actors, Diseases and Borders

REAF 2022
Circulations dans les Afriques, Afriques en circulation


Mobility in the field of health has attracted increasing scientific interest over the last three decades. This was justified on the one hand by the health and economic situation of sub-Saharan African countries in the 1990s, and on the other hand by the link established between the precariousness of health systems and the relatively high rate of African health professionals working in developed countries. The debates and scientific reflections that followed this linkage led to the development of international public policies focused mainly by Werstern countries on the specific case of sub-Saharan Africa. This has given rise to a dominant perspective that focuses on international migration, a tiny aspect of the more encompassing phenomenon of “Mobility”. Taking the theme of “Mobility, Migration and Health in Africa” as a starting point, this workshop questions these contemporary realities with regard to issues related to Global health and proposes to consider three levels of discussions.

First, the level of the actors, whether they are health professionals, mobile populations, collective and individual actors such as policy makers or organizations.

Secondly, Africa has been the scene of diseases that have marked its history over the past decades, in particular HIV/AIDS, Ebola and the current Covid-19 pandemic. The circulation of diseases and pandemics being inseparable from the mobility of people and goods, they will be discussed in the light of the health context marked by the pandemic. Thirdly, borders, which are sources of regulation, conflicts and structural constraints, constitute the third level of reflection. They allow to address the problem of the porosity of African borders in their management of the movement of people and transnational diseases. This workshop has chosen to focus on a new conceptual and theoretical articulation that is part of the “New Mobility paradigm” (Sheller & Urry, 2006) and that includes migration in the more comprehensive concept of Mobility. Such an approach is fundamental to question and better understand the essential dynamics of mobility and internal circulation in Africa in their relationship with the health of populations.

Coordination : Angele Mendy et Abêt Mongbet


Jean-Alain Goudiaby
Thérapie transfrontalière : prise en charge médicale des Bissau-guinéens dans les structures de santé à Ziguinchor, Sénégal

Angèle Flora Mendy
Responses to Covid 19 within the Gambian health system: perspectives of health professionals

Abet Mongbêt
Maladies et recours aux soins des réfugiés centrafricains aux frontières camerounaises

Nicolas Monteillet
Globalisation et pharmacies « de rue ». Ethnographie rétrospective pour améliorer les usages populaires du médicament

Véronique Petit
Mobilités associées à la construction d’un espace médical transnational en santé mentale à partir du système de santé sénégalais

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